marian buis fine art


I have been wielding a brush for as long as I can remember and my fascination with paint and mixed media is insatiable. My college degree in art, at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, was just the beginning of a lifelong love affair with my studio and the possibilities that lived there. I see art everywhere- in nature, in cities, a dumpster, even the hardware store!  My goal is to create a piece that will touch the viewer and spark an emotion, a memory, or even better a question. We are surrounded by so much beauty. I strive to celebrate and capture moments of beauty, light, shadow, motion, design and texture. Sometimes its the dichotomy of a moment that moves me the most, the interplay of light and shadow or the unusual coupling of opposing color and texture. My two dimensional work includes acrylic, watercolor, and oil. I also create three dimensional mixed media pieces from just about everything.

 I make unique jewelry pieces out of old furniture pulls and handles. Each piece is one of a kind and photos of these works can be found under the M Clarke Designs tab.

As the mother of four beautiful adult children, and two grandchildren, watching them grow has helped me maintain the enthusiasm, curiosity and wonder that embodies the spirit of a child. Out of that wonder comes much of my inspiration for paintings and dimensional pieces. My favorite phrase is "What if…." and then, it's  off to the studio!

I hope you discover something here that moves you and brings you joy!

I  live and work in Raleigh, North Carolina. There is more subject matter to paint than time to do it!

​You can contact me directly :      or      Instagram: Marianbuisfineart