Sewing Angel                                 Yoga Angel

​Bunco Angel                             Baking  Angel

marian buis fine art

     Accountant                                Book Club Angel

​Soccer Angel                            Volleyball Angel 

​Mom of Twins Angel                   Wine Lover Angel


    Nurse Angel​                          Beach Lover Angel

Teacher  Angel                         Baker​ Angel

Angels are everywhere in our world- you just have to look for them! I create these little gems from dried okra pods and hickory nuts. Each one is a unique one of a kind treasure. Here is a sampling of the many angels I make, I have an angel for most professions and hobbies.

Bride & Groom Cake Toppers

​Gardener Angel                        Swimmer Angel

​Realtor Angel                           Tennis Angel

​Knitting Angel                                 Quilting Angel

Just Married Angels                      Artist Angel

UNC Angel                           NC State Angel